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Car reports can reveal:

• Flood/Fire-damage Titles
• Odometer Rollback/Rollover
• Salvage Titles/Auction
• Lemon/Rebuilt Title
• Major Accidents
• Stolen

Why you need a Car Report

When buying a used car, there are many ways for you to get a bad deal from your local auto dealer.

Odometer readings may be rolled back. It's illegal in most states, but its easy. It is still a common occurance in used cars.

Dealer will not or cannot show you the repair orders or identity of former owner(s).

Vehicle shipped from out-of-state or received in trade from another dealer.

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Important facts about car history and common car scams that can cost you lots of money.

Vehicle history report. Get a free car history report on any car! A complete car history report will tell if a car is a lemon or salvaged.

Where does the Free Car History Report information come from? Information provided in a Free Car History Report comes from more than 150 sources.

It's good for consumers that all major insurance companies mandate that their insurance claims administrators report data on auto accident damage, which is then included in a car history report. Many major auto auctions also contribute to the data, contained in a car's car history report. Consumer Protection Agencies report on major recalls and auto buybacks from manufacturers. This lemon buyback data is contained in car history reports. Both New and Used Auto Dealers also are solicited for data which is listed in a car history report. A free car report check will not tell you everything about a car - only whether it has records that deserve looking into. A comprehensive report will cost a small fee.

State Departments of Motor Vehicles contribute valuable auto information, which is contained in a car history report. Canadian Motor Vehicle Departments contribute information contained in Car History reports. In addition to the Department of Motor Vehicles, occasionally other state agencies provide data to the companies who compile car history reports. All data acquired from these sources and compiled into a car history report meets the federally mandated industry guidelines.

Rarely is a major problem missed by one of the many organizations that supply car report information. Sometimes it may take some understanding of the report to completely understand it. Most companies provide helpful guides to understanding the report, so with a little reading, you can become a pro with analyzing a cars history.

Free Car History Report

Categories analyzed in a car history report include:

DMV Record Adjustment - events recorded by a department of motor cars such as bonding, titling or registration renewal.

Damage - records of fire, hail or water damage, major insurance loss (50% or more), motor replacement, rebuilding or reconditioning, junked, salvaged, scrapped or destroyed.

Fleet - company cars, driver education, governmental, municipal or police, rental and taxi/livery.

Forfeiture - abandoned or repossessed.

Gray Market - cars manufactured for non U.S. markets that may not comply with emission and/or safety standards. Does not include imports originally made for the U.S. market.

Lemon - cars unable to be satisfactorily repaired after several tries. U.S. Lemon Laws vary from state to state about the number of repair attempts. Not all states have a lemon title classification (brand).

Non-Manufacturer Assembled - specially constructed or a kit car.

Odometer Reading - mileage reported from registrations, inspections, auctions, insurance administrators, discrepancy in readings, not actual miles and unknown mileage.

Odometer Problem - reports of broken, exceeds mechanical limits, excluded or exempt cars, discrepancy in readings, not actual miles and unknown mileage.

Theft - reported loss or recovered from theft.

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